Earthquakes, floods and God: Is life for real – or just a dream?

10 Mar

Have you ever wondered if  life really could be a dream?

That the people and places you see everywaking minute of your day are all a figment of your imagination?
And that the dream will end when you wake from your marathon sleep – at the precise moment you take your very last breath?
Think about it for a minute. Because to me the ‘life is a dream’ scenario if far more feasible than the ‘God made us’ theory spouted by most of the man-made religions of this world.
I’m not saying there is NOT a God because I believe very strongly that everything on this earth was created by an awesome, omnipotent force more powerful than anything we can imagine.
However, I find it hard to identify with a biblical God who (unless you take the fables of the Old and New Testaments as gospel) chooses never to appear before or speak to those that He or She created. At least, not to an audience big enough to convince us.
Just one Almighty appearance in front of a couple of dozen people – preferably with a TV camera rolling – and we’d all be totally convinced. But it seems our Maker (as personified in official religion) has become coy about publicity over the last couple of thousand years.
To me, life is all down to Mother Nature – the ultimate artist, sculptress, designer, you name it. The sole creator and also a fearsome adversary who is clearly on some sort of  mission in these times of political and physical upheaval.
Certainly the surfeit of natural disasters which have devastated the world over the past couple of decades suggests that something is changing dramatically in Mother Nature’s household.
But back to our dreams, in which we see and interact with all sorts of people, many of whom we know in real life.. Yet we accept when we wake up that the entire dream was merely a fabrication of our mind.
I often dream I can fly – or that I am on the edge of a cliff or a roof trying desperately not to fall off. At the time it all seems so normal and no-one could convince me it is not really happening. But when I wake up, the content of my dream still vivid in my mind, it seems ludicrous that I ever believed the bizarre events were for real.
‘How on earth did I not realise at the time that I was dreaming?’ I regularly ask myself.
In my sleep, my experiences are surrounded by what seem to be living, breathing creatures. Yet the reality is that every second is the bizarre product of a single subconscious mind.
And so to the BIG question: Is it not possible that life itself is just one long dream – a dream that lasts from the second we are born until the moment we die?
There is only one person that I KNOW for a fact exists. And that is myself. My family, my friends, my readers (if I have any)…I assume of course that they are all real people. But whilst they are all tangible parts of my day-to-day experience, a tiny part of me keeps asking: ”Am I the only person living in this world – with everyone else just a part of my imagination?”
That’s all for now folks. Back to sleep, all of you. If you’re for real, that is.

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