England 2011, soft on discipline and a soft touch for low life

12 Aug

I CAME home to Manchester last week to visit my family and friends.

Instead, I came home to see the values I love destroyed forever.

The riots and looting may have been temporarily washed away by midweek rain, but you can be sure the thugs will return.

Because they know they have nothing to fear from a system that has been wrecked by political correctness and the outlawing of discipline, both at home and in the nation’s schools.

England will never be the same after the trashing by local morons of cities from London to Liverpool and from Manchester to Bristol.

Like every law-abiding citizen, I wanted to see the trouble cut off at source by the police – be it via water cannon, rubber bullets or taser gun.

Instead, we had Home Secretary Theresa May preaching against even the softest of deterrents as shops were wantonly vandalised, torched and looted.

‘‘The way we police in Britain is not through use of water cannon,’’ she woffled. ‘‘The way we police in Britain is through consent of communities.’’ That, Ms May, is precisely why the country is in a mess – because the low-lives responsible for the mayhem don’t live by the rules of normal society.

The only thing they fear is pain, plus perhaps the prospect of spending many years behind bars. And in a society that has banned physical discipline and treats prisoners like hotel guests, that means they fear NOTHING.

The scenes were embarrassing as the world watched ignorant children, yes children, being allowed to wreak havoc with impunity as if they were stars in a Hollywood movie.

As for deterrents, there weren’t any.  Just droves of unarmed police, reined in and equipped more to defend themselves than to attack the villains.

Prime Minister David Cameron seems to think the troublemakers will get their comeuppance in court – but he’s deluding himself. The PC brigade frown on locking up children and I’ll  be staggered if even one rioter or looter gets the five-year sentence a stricter society would impose.

No wonder the world is laughing at Britain’s joke government and the opposition, too.  Because Ed Milliband’s lot are just as responsible for the softie judges and magistrates who will inevitably tiptoe through the minefield of mayhem.

The vermin who destroyed England come from a subculture that has developed in the UK over the last few decades  – a scum society where scallies perform street carnage while mum and dad are either enjoying the pleasantries of a comfortable jail cell or out of their minds on drink and drugs.

These low-lives are only a tiny minority of British society – yet they can cause havoc, as we have seen so painfully this week.

They respect nobody, would not dream of working, and believe the only way of life is to steal from others. They live by the law of insolence, robbery and violence.  And the only way to deal with them when they go on the rampage is to give the police and, if necessary, the  Army the freedom to stamp on them .

But in a country where most of the police are not even armed, what chance have we got?

Political correctness rules, just as it does in the schools where the little scumbags develop their obnoxious charms. Teachers cannot so much as raise a hand to discipline the rebels, who celebrate by threatening and even attacking the people trying to educate them.

This, Mr Cameron and Ms May, is where the problem began…we took legalised discipline out of the equation when the cane was confiscated from our schoolteachers.

Now you’ve forgotten that it actually used to work. I never met anyone who was damaged by six of the best. Exactly the opposite in fact – it taught kids to behave themselves.

But of course it wasn’t PC. Unless that stands for the Perfect Corrector.

I just thank God that I got out in time. Y viva Espana.


One Response to “England 2011, soft on discipline and a soft touch for low life”

  1. Patricia September 9, 2011 at 9:47 pm #

    I have left a comment/post on your EOS blog. about the “scum”. Please read it.
    Six of the best (beating a child) certainly DOES NOT teach anyone anything. I am no fan of PC, less so of loony PC, but imposing responsiblity and discipline by beating is a notion I would hardly have expected from soneone like you, who seems to be an educated woman.
    Of course if you like dictatorships, well there are still a few of those here and there around the world. Go and live there for a while and see how you like it.

    I say, bring the irresponsible parents to justice.

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