Thanks Tulisa – your bitchy comments have given Christopher the X Factor

8 Dec

A COUPLE of months ago, I vowed never to watch the X Factor again after joke singer Rylan Clark was manipulated back into the show by the collusion of the judges. Well, I have a confession to make – I’ve started watching it again.

And that’s because there’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing so-called experts with egg all over their faces.
 In their desperation to see the back of vulnerable Christopher Maloney – and, perhaps with a little coaxing from Simon Cowell – three of the judges have constantly pilloried the camp Scouser. But as someone who delights in seeing an underdog win, I’m happy to say that the cynicism of Tulisa and Co has rebounded on them bigtime.
 It is rumoured that Chris regularly gets TWICE as many votes as any of the other competitors and if that’s so, then he will this weekend become the first X Factor winner with no X Factor.

I accept that fellow finalists Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur have vastly more appeal to the younger generation.

But I’m fed up hearing Maloney berated by people like Tulisa, an average singer who has no  right to be judging the talent of vastly superior vocalists.

It seems all the negative comments have inspired the public to cast a sympathy vote for Maloney. – particularly sentimental old grannies like me who find him cuddlingly vulnerable.  All three finalists are assured of a big future, so it doesn’t really matter who wins.

But how enjoyable it would be to see Tulisa’s bitchiness come back to bite her in the bum.

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